Easy Way to Upload By Remote Url to Dropbox Using “Multcloud”

Montelent April 3, 2018

It Is Necessary to Get Files Remote Upload to Dropbox

Remote Url upload to Dropbox,

I believe that a great many of computer users have get themselves cloud storage space to store their large amount of digital data; and I believe many of those people have own an account of Dropbox cloud service since Dropbox is one of the first three cloud storage providers.

Tip: The other two clouds, I believe most people know, are Google Drive and OneDrive (by Microsoft). Yet, among the first three cloud drives, I personally think Dropbox is the most professional one. The other two get present large amount of users at some extent due to that they already have a huge base of users of their other products, Google Chrome for Google and Windows for Microsoft.

What Is Remote Upload Files to Dropbox?

To make it simple, remote upload to Dropbox refers to upload files/folders, docs/sheets, pictures/photos, videos/movies, etc. directly from a remote source place (remote server, remote desk, etc.) to your Dropbox account. This method will rely on an URL created by someone when he/she share the target item on the remote device. Of course, you can view the file online just like visiting website pages.

Why Need to Remote URL Upload to Dropbox?

For some files, you just view it online and leave it away. However, for some files, you want to keep it for a long time (such as work tutorials, family photos or beloved movies); or, some shared URL is only for download instead of online view, thus, you need to download and save it. Moreover, if those files are too large to be suitable to be saved in local hard disks, you would consider to put them on your cloud storages like Dropbox. Next, how to do so?

Yes, you can first download from the URL and save the files on your local computer. Then, upload these files from your computer to cloud space. This is available but troublesome. What if you do not have enough local storage to temporarily store those files? Yes, is there a way to directly download to cloud drive?

Remote URL Upload Free to Dropbox by MultCloud

There is a way only if rely on a third party program called MultCloud, which is a web based FREE service to put multiple cloud drives into one platform and manage them there with ease and convenience. And, how does this software help with remote upload to Dropbox?

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In general, create an account of this online service, add your Dropbox account to this app and authorize it with the right to get access to your Dropbox storage (don’t worry, this app promises to keep your privacy) and remote upload files to Dropbox from the URL links. The following are detailed steps.

1. Create an account of MultCloud from its official sign up page.

2. Sign in to its service and add Dropbox into it. Click “Add Clouds” in the top of its screen; then click on “Dropbox” in its cloud drive list. Then, follow the guides to finish the task.

add-dropbox3. When successfully added Dropbox, you will see it in your MultCloud account just like other added cloud drives.


4. Select “Upload” on the top and choose “Upload URL” in the pop up window.


5. Then, input the URL link and it will automatically assign a name to the file. Of course, you can manually change its display name in Dropbox.


6. You can view the result, success or fail, of the remote upload to Dropbox by clicking the icon on upper right > URL Tasks. You can continue to remote upload files to Dropbox by clicking on “Add URL” on this window.


7. Finally, you can see the target file be saved in your Dropbox cloud drive either from MultCloud platform or directly in Dropbox account.


The Advantages of Remote Upload to Drive

Besides remote upload to Dropbox, MultCloud can also remote link upload drive of Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, Box, Flickr, etc. Remote upload to cloud drive save users from troublesome download and upload work which rely on local storage as transit, save local disk space and make it possible to keep the files you wanted forever.

As for advantages of using MultCloud, how many features it has, how many advantages it has:

  • Upload/download/copy/paste/share/delete/cut/rename/create/search files in cloud drives
  • Transfer files among cloud drive storage accounts
  • Sync files among cloud services in one-way or two-way
  • Automatically carry out tasks according to the schedule set by yourself
  • Still transfer files even when power is off
  • Put together all free space you get from different cloud accounts



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