The Wall Of Frustration For One Person Is The Perseverance Factor For Another

MontelentAugust 29, 2018

Perseverance Factor

Scientifically, perseverance is everything. Talent is a reality, but it does not count as much as perseverance or persistence. Bluntly, I say, responsibility is power, especially for yourself. In this game of life, we can try to cheat, but in the end we only cheat ourselves because we know fully what we did that we seemed to escape from. The ultimate wall of frustration is not to have that perseverance that does not recognize failure genuinely.

The rich and powerful get more rich and powerful, because losing is not genuinely accepted in the mind and cheating is not an option either. Mistakes, and weakness are simply training for perfection and strength.

The ultimate check and balance is honest persistence and real perseverance, if we do not have those two things we cannot achieve anything in life genuinely. The genuine wall of frustration then is to want ease and luck to be the law instead of what really is the law, work and persistence.

Oh, yes, cheating looks fun until you catch yourself genuinely and unrealistically even in the most “unbeatable” cheating situation. Sure, you can “get away with everything in the eyes of others”, but what about yourself, that is the difference that counts, you cannot beat yourself ultimately.

If you want to genuinely climb to the mountain top, you cannot use the helicopter or chair life, it will never be the same as genuinely climbing. Reality has to be genuinely and persistently lived, and talents must be developed to genuinely get anywhere. I remember when my Dad told me about patience, understanding and tolerance being an adjunct to discipline, thought then control. Sure, I instantly understood, but, you must develop from within without wanting any part of the “way of the lucky masses” that has an outside to inside approach to life that is too pragmatic instead of genuinely creative and original from within. In fact I call patience, understanding, tolerance, discipline, thought, then control “The Big Six”. Without those big six genuine factors, everything in life comes down to nothing, and without persistence and perseverance, everything is really nothing but gambling. I know, that is harsh seeming, but at least it has the benefit of being the honest and realistic truth about it all.

Life and existence are knit with what we are, not what we want to be anyway, however we try to look at it all.


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