The Havoc Called Condom

TomitMarch 31, 2017

Just as many families are being destroyed by marital infidelity, contraception, abortion and consequently divorce; (Pope Pa II Said in Rio-de-janeiro in October 1997 that the family is threatened by abortion and marital infidelity), young people are being destroyed by drugs, sex and alcohol.
Someone writing in the independent Newspaper recently stated that without fear of contradiction, the greatest time-bomb in Nigeria is promiscuity followed by the proliferation of Christian Churches. We should view with disgust the advent of condoms as a means of preventing AIDS; condoms do not prevent AIDS rather, promiscuity is a major cause of AIDS. The prevalence of contraceptive devices has cheapened sex and birth-control propaganda has actually perverted Nigerian youths and their parents.
Manufacturers and promoters through the news media as well as the planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN) may be carried away by the illusion that they are fighting AIDS through CONDOMS, but they can feign ignorance of the truth that condom advert is continually leading to an increase in antisocial behaviour, promiscuity, extra-marital affairs (infidelity), breakdown of marriages (divorce) and crisis! “unwanted” pregnancies etc.

In the US and other developed countries, state owned and even private TV stations cannot transmit unregulated condom adverts to be watched by millions of their citizens including children. Over there, PPFN cannot be trespass the NYSC camps, secondary schools, universities  etc., dishing free condoms nor will the Action Health International (AHI) run youth camps where they tench contraceptive based sex education to children without knowledge and approval of their parents.

Condom adverts not only subvert our indigenous values but contravene the articles of the African Charter of Human and Peoples Rights which subscribes to the strengthening and preservation of positive African culture and values, harmonious development of the family unit and the promotion of the well being of the society.

Available Lagos Statistics Show That:

(i) 2 out of every 5 secondary school girls have had at least one abortion
(ii) 15% of births is by teenagers but
(iii) 50% of our high maternal mortality rate Is teenage girls due to abortion which is supposed to be illegal in Nigeria.
(iv) Over 60% of patients with abortion complications are teenagers,
(v) 72% of deaths of teenage girls is from abortion complications.

From Porthacourt, we learn that 13% of 400 girls in 5 secondary schools in the town tested positive to Sexually Transmitted Disease (STDs) i.e. 1 in 8 girls in these PH schools could have had AIDS. Alarming? STD and AIDS victims (about 2 million in the world in 1989) were not homosexuals, prostitute and over 25 years, but were under 25 years of age, in every corner of the world including Nigeria. We are told that a large proportion of full-blown AIDS in the 20-29 age group caught the infection when they were 15-19 years of age.

The first step to reverse the present situation is to educate youth and adolescent about sex and sexuality since our culture appears to inhibit learning the facts of sex from parents. Many young people have however learned at great personal cost after they have made irretrievable mistakes. It is true adolescents were having sexual relationship against their parents advice long before condoms were, advertised, but condoms have reaped havoc and perverted so many.

Young people need to know that contrary to popular opinion, “Not Everyone is Doing It” and even then, they do not have to have s€x simply because everyone else is doing it.

Condoms do not prevent AIDS because their failure rate is high. Condoms promote promiscuity, diseases, and divorce. Promiscuity is a major cause of AIDS.

Condoms and contraceptives have cheapened s€x.
The only “SAFE SEX” is abstinence outside marriage and faithfulness in marriage.


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