Anthony: Life Determinations and Success Creations

TomitApril 11, 2017


So many times, you could be wondering why haven’t all the people in the world, one fourth of them are poor. One popular saying goes thus; “Your frustration is an indication for the solution you are carrying”. I always observe this successful people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gate, William Shakespeare etc. Did success embrace them or they embrace success themselves? Mark Zuckerberg who is founder of Facebook didn’t just start one day to develop Facebook likewise Bill Gate. They always has plans for their lives.
          Mark Zuckerberg used his brain to think out something that can connect the world communities without seeing each other. Successful people are always in demand so as to help them achieve their goals. They use nothing to gain something. Hard work don’t kill rather laziness kills your morale. Don’t be too lazy and indolent in life.
          The best weapon to conquer laziness is your brain, think and work towards to achieve it. Always keep your brain active with positive things and desire to achieve the goal, once you’ve done that, the sky will be your starting point.
          One watchword you will always bear in mind; “Our greatness doesn’t exist in the sky but lies in our hand”.  So use your time for positive things and not things that will come after. The brain keeps your dream at the right side of life, if you think positively with it. I always imagine how many brains all successful people have. Think of Michael Faraday {Electricity inventor}, Carl Benz {Car Inventor}, Charles Barbage {Analytics Machine inventor} etc. All this successful people I called, they don’t just crossed their and their dreams came true. They think out box and work on it. Convince yourself that you can do it even more than others. Aim at getting higher than others. Don’t say I  don’t have to stress myself because they are already many there. Nothing is impossible in this life. Once you think it out, work on to achieve it no matter how small it is. Your aim is your limit. Aim big and achieve big, aim small and achieve little or nothing. What you feed your brain is what it will produce.
          Determination is key to success. Experiment your brain and you find out the impeccable & magnificent things in it. Martin Luther and Barrack Obama are not left out. They were rejected by the Americans because they were blacks but what came out last Barrack Obama ruled America for 8 years as president and Martin Luther was Human Right Activist with many awards. Through hard work, they are there but if they were lazy, I wonder if you will know them today. Don’t compare or wish to be another person but work and let others wish they were you. Successful people don’t go to tournament to compete but to WIN! Have in mind to win all your greatest obstacles & opponents. Practice actively and wisely so as to gain your kingdom.
          Kings don’t get own their kingdoms rather they claim their kingdoms and thrones. Claim your kingdom through hardwork and diligence. Don’t go behind rather move forward and let others follow behind. Failure is the greatest enemy of success. Don’t follow multitude rather let multitude follow you. They may laugh at you because you are different but you will laugh at them because they are all the same.

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