Anthony: Failure, A fear For Success

Montelent April 11, 2017

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One popular saying goes thus; “Failing to plan, is planning to fail”. Once you fail to plan, failure sets in.
          Some people failed not because they didn’t plan well but they don’t have workable plans/determinations. Once you fail in life, it can never be reversed but it can be amended. Plan your life very well so as not to regret later in life. Easier things in life without work, gives access & possibility to failure. Once you fail in life, you will live bitterly. Some people prefer staying idle than working hard, they just sit on the sofa waiting for the good things in life without working towards it.
Think out of the box and work hard to achieve it.
They are afraid to walk on the road of success because they think it’s very hard to walk on. They forget the watchword “Hard way is the only way”. Follow the hard way patiently & surely you will get to the end of the tunnel.
          Let me use Nigeria as an example, so many youths has laid their hands on things they can’t control, they failed which led to unemployment. They are always in hurry to get rich but at last ended up ruining their life.
          They now involve their selves in social vices, which may end up their life and become a total failure to their families and communities.

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