Why Every Actor Wants To Be A Producer – Explained By Yoruba actress, Kemi Taofeek

Ebony beautiful Yoruba actress, Adekemi Taofeek has reasserted herself again in the Yoruba sector of the movie industry, not only as an astute actor but also as an enterprising producer.

On Tuesday, the subtly busty actress released her latest film ‘Babymama’ into the market followed by a subsequent release on YouTube.

‘Babymama’ would be Adekemi’s second film after her first effort with ‘Tibi Tire’.

With ‘Babymama’ looking good in the market, the actress is already onto her third film ‘ Aaye Mi (My Space), perhaps, telling us there is something about movie production that is either lucrative or rewarding in some way.

Adekemi Taofeek

And Adekemi explains to us why almost every actor in Nollywood wants to produce their own films.

“If you don’t produce, you will never gain respect from producers” she said wryly.

“Second, it is a good way to showcase your talent because you are able to give yourself the role you desire which you may not be able to get from another producer.

In most cases, as an upcoming actor, you don’t get more than five scenes from other producers.

And there’s the financial matters too” she told us.

It is worthy of note that almost every Yoruba actor is a producer.

Even the English sector, which was a bit different in the past, has caught the flu.

Now every English actor wants to be a producer too.

Adekemi Taofeek officially started acting in 2008/9 but left and returned fully in 2012.

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