Setting For Glo N0.00kb Unlimited Free Browsing On UC Mini Handler

This Glo Cheat is an everlasting and flawless tweak with just N0.00Kb.

Never forget that the below setting;

  • Works only in UC mini handler web browser
  • No speed throttling
  • It doesn’t power all apps
  • It is totally free (even with N0.00kb in your Glo sim)
  • It is unlimited

Note: that you must be on Glo Pay As You Go (PAYU) plan, if you are not yet on the plan, kindly text PAYU to 127. Once you have received a reply that “you are using data Pay As You Go to browse. Put your phone to Air Flight Mode for a few seconds and off it back to the Normal Mode.

Now, you can download UC Mini Handler Apk Version – Download it here

APN Settings
» APN: glo4glte
» Save and make it as default. Launch the UC Mini Handler and configure it as below
» Device user agent: click and choose Android
» Web user Agent: click and choose Firefox
» Handler download limit: 99999991
» Tick remove port
» Proxy Type: Dual Real Host
» Proxy Server:
» UserName: flat » Password: flat
» Real Proxy Type: HTTP
» Real Proxy Server:
» Real Proxy Port: 80

Save the setting and you can use it to view any website.

How to use it to download any file, games, video or music.
Go to a site like For download the season film, pick the film you want to download, you will see 3gp and mp4 Pick mp4 or mp3, then click on Download Go to the download side, long press on what you are downloading and you will see three dots as an option, click on it, then press detail. Scroll down and press copy, press back button, long press the film again, press something like basket, press delete and then press back button.

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Press new tab and go to a webproxy site like , clear the http:// or in the box, long press the box, press paste, press go or surf. It will bring browse.php, clear the browse.php, put the name of the file, i.e if it is film, name of the film e. g Arrow Then end it with .mp4 or .3gp For the music e. g Ogede, then end it with .mp3 For PDF file e.g Agriculture, then end it with .pdf For the application, e. g Sybla, then end it with .apk Click on Download after you have done with the correct name and file format.

Are you still confused on how to download with the tweak, watch the video below;

Note: In case the download stop, open new tab, go to, login and the download will continue.

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