Photos:- A Nigerian “Emeka Nelson” Developed Electricity Generator That Is Powered By Water


A Nigerian man Emeka Nelson claims to have developed an electricity generator that is powered by water – The young inventor started a fundraising campaign, hopes to get N2,000,000 (or $10,000) asap – Emeka promises that his new invention, an “ultra modern bio digester” is coming soon Nsukka-born Emeka Nelson claims to have invented a generator that runs on water, a machine for recycling non-biodegradable wastes. His third invention, a bio digester, is under development. A graduate of the National Metallurgical Training Institute has started a fundraising campaign on social media trough his partner, Karo Kanye Akamune. Photos of made in Nigeria water-powered generator went viral on Facebook. Photo: Karo Kanye Akamune Apparently, the young man needs at least N1,000,000 (about $5,000) right now for continuation of his research and products’ improvements. The next step is to collect two million naira from angel investors. Made in Nigeria water-powered generator (hydroelectric generator) in action. water_gen2 “Creative and inventive minds in Africa should be identified, supported and celebrated. Instead of marrying a third wife or building a forth house you would hardly ever sleep in, invest that money in people like Emeka Nelson,” Karo Kanye Akamune urges Nigerians on Facebook. Emeka poses near MGBANWE C12, a machine that turns non-biodegradable wastes like plastics, waterproof nylon, etc. into “petrol, kerosene, diesel and some other heavy oils and interlocking stones”. Photo: Karo Kanye Akamune Emeka runs his private company, Creative E Machines, based in Awka, Nigeria. An interlocking stone that was allegedly produced by MGBANWE C12. “I can imagine a world where human feaces, urine etc are turned into cooking gas and best of fertilizers for our farmers. “I can imagine a society where this machine replaces all our soak away and pit latrine toilet systems. Creative minds tech team is working on it now,” the scientist/engineer wrote in his post dated February 6, announcing the new invention. The innovators are in search for angel investors. Photo: Karo Kanye Akamune “Always remember, a country that does not produce man-made goods and services will always lag behind,” Karo Kanye Akamune notes. In your opinion, should these guys be funded or investigated?

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