Justina, 39, seeks N10m for kidney transplant

Mrs Justina Ogugua, 39, is currently battling for life.

She is a patient of End Stage Kidney Disorder.

A mother of four, Justina was diagnosed early this year with congestive cardiac failure.

Currently she is confined to her sick bed suffering memory loss and unable to perform her duties as mother and wife.

Her husband, Ignatious, has been running from pillar to post in the effort to care for her and also cater for the family.

He recalled that Justina’s predicament began early in 2016 when her health began to deteriorate for no particular reason.

“She was unable to carry out her normal business activities or domestic work and it got to a stage she began to lose her memory frequently.

“For over three months, she has been on dialysis that costs us an average of N80,000 weekly.

Recently her condition worsened and the doctor said a kidney transplant is required to save her life.

Ignatious who said they have been given a bill of N10 million for the proposed surgery, however lamented that the family was broke.

“I have spent every kobo that I have.

I am appealling and begging Nigerians to please come to my wife’s aid and help save her life.”

A medical report confirmed that Justina’s renal function has been compromised.

The report signed by the Medical Director, Paulate Hospital, Dr. P. C. Duru, said Justina was first seen at the hospital with several complaints ranging from constant and persistent headache, generalised fatigue, to dizziness, poor vision/ photophobia, insomnia, nausea and recurrent abdominal pains among others.

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It noted that clinical examinations revealed that the patient was hypertensive and had severe tachycardia. An initial diagnosis of congestive cardiac failure (CCF) c/o poorly controlled hypertension was made and patient admitted and treated accordingly.”

The medic said further laboratory investigations however revealed that Justina’s renal function had been compromised; hence an additional diagnosis of chronic kidney disease was made.

It was confirmed that Justina had undergone 16 episodes of dialysis with accompanying blood transfusion during each session.

The report said she has been on routine treatment and management and has been recommended for a left kidney transplant.

If you are touched by Justina’s plight, and wish to assist, kindly send your donation to Justina Ogugua, First Bank 3082077346 or contact 08066309036 for further details.

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