Coscharis, Huawei bring online UPS to Nigerian market


To provide customers with smart solutions that intelligently address their power needs, Coscharis Technologies, has partnered Huawei Technologies for the distribution of Huawei Online UPS across Nigeria and other African countries. The Huawei Online UPS is a best-in-class technology fitted with unique Net-Echo features that allow end users monitor and communicate with their UPS systems from anywhere in the world using mobile phones or other internet-enabled devices. The pre-alarm component immediately alerts users to problems within the UPS environment and provides automatic multiple server shutdown either pre-programmed by the administrator or during critical power events. Speaking at the product launch held in Lagos last week, Nigeria, Emomine Mukoro, Managing Director, Coscharis Technologies, said: “We are happy to announce this partnership with Huawei for the distribution of its online UPS in Nigeria.” “Huawei currently boasts the biggest R & D in the IT world and is heavily invested in the Nigerian market with over 15,000 staff committed to providing local consumers with efficient, cost effective products that sufficiently meet their needs. At Coscahris, we espouse the same commitment to always offer world-class information and communication technology solutions in the most affordable, efficient and convenient manner. It is our belief that the coming together of these great brands will deliver best- value in meeting the power needs of our numerous customers in Nigeria,” he added. Ken Zhao, Channel Manager, Huawei, stated that the Online UPS successfully passed over one thousand four hundred electrical tests and thirty- three extreme environment tests making it a rugged and reliable system suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. According to Zhao: “Huawei Online UPS is designed to match modern IT loads without distortion. Unlike other brands which may require the support of a stabilizer, the Huawei Online UPS has a high output factor of 1, increase 10%~20% load capacity. It has an Intelligent Battery Management system that extends battery performance and lifespan up to 50%, and Net-Eco isolates the failure module from the normal ones in 0ms.” According to Louis Iwegbuna, Assistant General Manager, Sales, Coscharis Technologies: “Coscharis Technologies’ professional UPS service engineers will provide technical support in the areas of onsite support, software support, hardware support, installation and other assistance to ensure seamless performance of the UPS.” He also assured that buffer parts are available in- country to eliminate long turnaround maintenance time. Other products included the PowerCube 1000 Hybrid Solution which comes in three models of Solar, Diesel and Hybrid. The Solar system is suitable for environments with long periods of sunshine and low power sites; Solar & Diesel Hybrid is most suitable in conditions of long continuous rainfall while the Solar & Grid Hybrid complement each other. Benefits include: green energy harvest in the areas of carbon emission, OPEX and fuel, 30%+ more energy harvested, high temperature adaptable up to 45oC, long lifespan of up to 2-4 years, 3 level anti-theft and protected investment.

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