Clinton says “all I wanted to do was talk to mum, curl up with our dogs, never leave the house again”

Hillary Clinton in her first public speech after losing the US Presidential election to the Republican Donald Trump said she wished she could share her experience with her mother, curl with their dogs and never leave the room again.

Speaking at the Children’s Defense Fund’s “Beat The Odds” Gala on Wednesday night, Clinton emotionally reflected about the 2016 loss and admitted that making the appearance “wasn’t the easiest.”

Former Democratic US Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters at the New Yorker after her defeat last night to Donald Trump on November 9, 2016 in New York. / AFP PHOTO

“I dream of going up to her and sitting next to her and taking her in my arms and saying, ‘Look, look at me and listen.

“You will survive. “You will have a family of your own: three children,’” Clinton said, choking up.

“And as hard as it might be to imagine, your daughter will grow up to be a United States senator, represent our country as secretary of state, and win more than 62 million votes for president of the United States.”

“I will admit, coming here tonight wasn’t the easiest thing for me,” Clinton said.

“There have been a few times these past week where all I wanted to do was curl up with a good book and our dogs and never leave the house again.”

But Clinton did not wallow in defeat during the speech, instead turned to what she will focus on going forward, and the impact her mother had on her life.

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Republican Donald Trump is elected US president, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton.

His victory came after key wins in the battleground states of Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

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