Author lauds President Buhari’s fight against corruption


Mr Benjamin Gudaku, author of the book: “Ethical Appraisal of SURE-P, Nexus between Deprivation and Insurgency in Nigeria,’’ has commended President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against corruption.

Gudaku said at the sideline of the book launch that “during previous administrations, there were times that the nation was raped by people.

“They gave birth to illegitimate children in term of abandoned projects that did not see the light of the day.

“ We consider them illegitimate because they never actually satisfied the intention for which they were there.

“There was another time that people embezzled monies, enriched themselves and constituted nuisances to the government.

“ This is because so much illegitimate monies are being taken by people to the point that they became even stronger than institutions,’’ he said.

Gudaku said corruption has taken the country many steps backward and reiterated his commendation on Buhari’s frantic effort on war against corruption.

According to him, parameters of democratic governance and ethics should be able to make this country better.

Gudaku, a staff of Nigerian Press Council, said that the body polity in Nigeria over the years characterised by unhealthy development moved him to write the book.

“One policy that came to my mind is the Subsidy Re-investment Programme (SURE-P); I used it as a context in discussing the narrative on democracy and good governance.

“ When we deviate from good governance, we are likely to see other things comes up and some of these things include insurgency and all the other ills that are there.

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“So I hope that people will read the book and be able to change their attitude so that we can have a country in which we are desirous to have.

“While the people should learn how to hold government accountable, the government should also not take the people for granted,’’ Gudaku said.

Source: Vanguardngr.Com


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