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MontelentApril 3, 2016

Your Verve Debit Card is a naira denominated card which allows you to make payments directly from your account. Debit cards are unique in their wide range of service offerings and provide you with an even safer and more pleasant experience on all your card transactions.

The Debit Card provides an alternative to cash and allows you securely pay for goods and services wherever the Verve/Interswitch logo is displayed.


  • Chip and PIN Technology
  • SMS Alert for Transactions
  • Three Year Card Lifespan
  • Enhanced Security for Online Transactions


  • Collect your card and PIN from the branch
  • Your card has been delivered to you inactive to keep it secure
  • It Require you to activate your card by changing your default PIN on any Bank ATM in Nigeria.
  • Your card iis automatically enrolled for secure online transactions. You will receive one-time password (OTP) on your registered mobile number with the bank whenever you are making a payment online.


To provide you with the best of service, debit card internet banking solution and instant transaction alerts enable you monitor transactions on your debit card/account anytime, anywhere.

These services will be automaticall enabled you in addition to their 24/7 Contact Center for issue resolution.


  • Provides alternative cash
  • Access to Quickteller Services for Payments –
  • Additional layer of security for online transactions (one-time password) – Bank does this themselves.
  • Enter an amazing world of rewards on
  • Provides you with the flexibility of limiting your card usage to only selected channels (ATM, PoS, Web etc)


  • Keep your card in a safe place
  • Do not disclose your PIN or online banking password to anyone including Bank staff.
  • Exercise due caution at Merchant points
  • Review your monthly statements to identify unauthorised debits.


Your card is safer than carrying cash. If your card is stolen or misplaced, please call Contact Center immediately on 01-2712005-7.

Verve multilingual agents are available at all times to assist with your lost or stolen card or any other card and travel related queries.

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