Upload and download large files without your data using UCWeb

MontelentApril 4, 2016

What is UC Browser?
UC Browser is one of the most popular third-party web browsers for mobile phones. The app is known for compressing transmitted Web resources threby reducing data charges for mobile Internet users.


This article is dedicated to site owners and for people who deal in downloading and uploading of large files.

What do you use UC Browser for?
Many of us don’t know how beneficial this browser is to webmasters.
Your’s truly, for example, learnt a new “trick” some days ago and wrote this post to share the knowledge. Apart from taking the advantage of its speed, seamless browsing experience, download manager, copy and paste feature, clipboard for storing copied content and tabbing, there’s yet another awesome feature to maximize from UCWeb Browser.

I’m talking of UC Cloud service — a feature for saving your contents in the clouds. The good news is that UC browser offers this service at the cost of nothing –FREE!!! Meaning, they don’t charge you for using the service, it’s total free of charge! The only requirement you’ll need is having a UC account to use this awesome service.

If you’re in a hurry and hate signups like me, then incorporate your FaceBook with them, you become a member, this process is much easier and faster. After logging in with Facebook, you can now enjoy the service! Now, the idea is this:

Supposing there is a big file you want to upload to your site visitors and this requires you to download and upload the file to your site; assuming it will cost you 200MB worth of data, let’s do the maths: To download and upload a 200MB file, about 200MB (or more) of data is required, but with UC Browser, you can utilize less than 1MB for this operation.

When you want to download that file with UC Browser, instead of clicking Save, you click Cloud Download. Within a space of 10 seconds, the file will be saved in your own allocated storage station on UC’s cload server.

Now, to upload same file to your site, when you want to upload, select UDisk as your source, then select the file, within a few moments,the file will be uploaded to the required destination. With this info, you can upload anything online. You can also save important downloads when you are out of memory space or data on your device.

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