Three (3) Top Sites To Download Mobile Video

MontelentOctober 14, 2016

Watching a lot of mobile video on the go? Then you know how many MBs of mobile data video consumes. Here’s a lifehack: download mobile videos when on Wi-Fi and store them on your phone for offline watching. Below are three websites with great videos you’ll want to keep.

Just make sure the clip you want to download is a free clip, by looking at its license information.


Have you ever dreamed of a site where everything is free to download? Well, that is what is.

It is known as the Internet Archive, and here you can find collections of free movies, music and more.


Perhaps you’ll be surprised to learn that The Internet Movie Database offers free clips from well-known talk shows and some other videos that you can download.

Check them out! These videos are part of the Internet Archive Project, meaning that you can watch them online for free or download them.

3. Your favorite social media

That’s right! We always get those funny, cute videos about babies or animals in our feed that we just love to watch over and over again.

For instance, this lovely little turtle eating a strawberry. Doesn’t it make you feel like keeping the clip forever?

► So how do I download mobile video?

There are many ways in which you can save clips to your phone, but often you need to install a third- party app, and then there’s a really messy process you have to go through to make it work.

Don’t panic! We have a solution for that. Download mobile video with Opera Mini for Android! Just play the video like you normally do, and a dialog box will pop up asking if you want to download the clip.

Share with us your favorite site for watching free, funny videos in the comments below.

Source: Operamobile


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