Revealed: How You Can Easily Identify Fake USB & Charger

MontelentJuly 21, 2018

Identify Fake USB, Identify Fake Charger

Fake chargers and USB cable usually look like the original ones. But if it’s not original, it will never be like original. A lot of persons has fallen for the fake ones, thinking they are using original charger and USB cable.

Fake USB cable usually takes long before it charges your device to 100%, some damages your phone battery, while some others after charging like 2-3 times, the charger becomes hotter than normal. Before you fall victim of Fake USB cable the second time, read the below.

How to Identify fake USB Cable

Take a good look at your USB cable and you should notice two holes that reveals the bus/contact. What you should look out for is the color of the conductor inside it. You’ll either find Copper or Aluminum.

Golden conductor: if the color is gold, then it is copper conductor. Copper conductor  has superior conductivity, the metal contains great tensile-strength, thermal-conductivity and thermal-expansion properties. copper has a conductivity of 100 percent IACS.

USB Cable

Aluminum Conductor: The conductivity power of Aluminum is relatively low (61%  of copper conductivity, but has only 30 percent of the weight of copper.)

Note: Before you buy any USB cable, make sure it is Golden otherwise, you will be buying a fake USB cable.

Some manufacturers often use aluminum to produce Inferior Products because aluminum is cheaper than copper.


What About Chargers?

The European standard plugs on the original Samsung charger features an extra layer of plastic on the lower end of the structure of the plugs to provide extra strength and support, which also enhances its overall durability. Whereas, on the fake Samsung charger you will notice that there are simple plugs without any durability structures.

USB Charger USB Charger

Always look out for the features as seen in the images above.

If your USB cable bus conductor is aluminum, then you are using a fake USB cable.


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