Now Send & Receive Money Through Your Gmail App Using Google Wallet

Much sooner than now, we’ve been sending and getting cash online by means of various administrations, for example, PayPal, Venmo and so forth. Online installments has been the greatest and speediest approach to send, get cash and pay for merchandise and ventures.

Though, Google Wallet has been around for over 4years. It’s Google’s official service used for sending and receiving money, but on the Gmail web only.
The uplifting news now is that, Google is bringing the service to GMail app. The service was only accessible on Gmail web version. Now, you can send and receive money through the Gmail app via Google Wallet; the convenience just can’t be beaten.

Google thought that it’s a useful method to pay for your share of a group activity, such as a dinner bill or a trip. Using the feature is pretty simple: simply tap the attachment paperclip icon in the Gmail app when Composing a message, and choose to either send or request money from there. No other app installations are needed, and it’s free for both the sender and the recipient. Oh, and people with non-Gmail email addresses can engage in this as well.


Unfortunately, the service is only available if you’re in the US. The update hasn’t been rolled out fully, but expect the feature to hit your Gmail app sooner or later.

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