Most Effective Way to Play YouTube Videos In Background on iPhone and iPad

MontelentAugust 18, 2018

YouTube generally stops both audios and videos when you quit the application. This is done on the grounds that YouTube anticipates that you will pay for its YouTube premium to get this component. With YouTube premium, you can play both audio and videos in the background out of sight alongside a promotion free ads – No advertisements each time you wants to watch a video when you buy in for YouTube premium.

How To Play YouTube Videos In Background on iPhone and iPad

With this trick, you can get to listen in to your most loved music or videos without your phone screen remaining on and depleting your battery. You can play the music or video out of sight, slide your phone into your pocket and you’re ready. To do this, follow below step.

  • – Using a Third-party browser (Not Safari Browser) Visit the YouTube Website.
  • – Search for the music you would like to play in the background and play it.
  • – Once it starts playing, hit the home button which will stop the music or video immediately.
  • – Now Swipe up to access the Control Center of your iPhone or iPad.
  • – You’ll see the music or video in the control center, Hit the Play Button and the music should start playing in the background.

Note: When you open the browser you are using to play the YouTube in the background and Close it or go back home by hitting the home button, the video/audio will stop playing again and you’ll have to access the control center to play it again.


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