Microsoft Launches Separate Skype Lite For Indians

TomitFebruary 22, 2017
New version of Skype has been officially launched, specifically for India. It will be called Skype Lite. This announcement was made by Satya Nadella; in a press conference in Mumbai.

Skype Lite, as it’s been called, is designed to reduce the resources consumed by the app. It will also include some features such as SMS integration, local language support and local bots.
The new app also has a feature that shows you metets on how much data the app has consumed. The app main feature is to reduce the amount of data used on the app; like reducing data usage during voice and video calls, compresses images before sending, and more other features. The app weighs at 14MB, which is half the size of the standard Skype app for Android.

Skype Lite also has SMS integration; you can send and receive SMS within the app and it lists all the SMS you have received so far, similar to Hangouts. The inbox also has clever filters to include or disclude Skype messages, SMS, and promotional SMS from view. The app also shows your call history, including non-Skype calls. The contact list can also be filtered to show just Skype numbers or all numbers.

In addition, there is bot integration as well. For starters, there is the AP Transport Authority bot available, that let’s you find out more about the RTA services or driving license and registration services in Andhra Pradesh. There are also a few fun but less practical bots such as Meme Cat and Horoscope. More bots will be added later.

Skype Lite is available in seven Indian languages, including Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. It is currently only on Android.


Download Skype Lite for Android Here.

Watch the Short video about Skype Lite below:


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