Introducing Verizon PopData Which Offers Unlimited Data


Verizon has announced a new feature -PopData- for all its users. This feature gives you an unlimited data for a couple of minutes. That moment when you have a huge file to download or an interesting movie to stream, Verizon PopData is here for you.


To activate Verizon PopData, you have to sign into My Verizon app and opt in for a session, either a 30minutes or 60minutes session where you can browse and download for those minutes unlimitedly without thinking about data.

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The 30minutes session will cost $2 while the 60minutes session will cost $3. The sessions can not work for tethering.

Also, if Verizon deems that its network capacity isn’t up for it, you will be denied access to PopData. One last thing, make sure your area is covered with LTE, because if you slow down to 3G speeds, your session’s clock will keep turning.

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Verizon has been beating around the bush with its recent ad campaigns advertising “limitless data” which means your data won’t be optimized like T- Mobile and Sprint do with some video streams, and PopData seems to pile onto that.

Verizon isn’t going to budge toward unlimited data any time soon, but it looks like PopData widens the margins for a bit more wiggle room.

What’s your say about PopData? Is it a welcome development for the Verizon subscribers?

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