How to Use Proxies With Jarvee?

Montelent April 8, 2020
How to Use Proxies With Jarvee?

How to Use Proxies With Jarvee?

How an individual uses the web can never compare to how a business goes about it. While an individual will make a few requests per day, a business will collect data for market insights or other business intelligence, and this involves making multiple requests at a go.

This means websites can often differentiate a regular visitor on their site and a bot crawling the web pages to scrape data.

The same case applies to social media. While a regular user will have one personal account, businesses have to create social media accounts in bulk. They then use these accounts to show activity on their business page and attract followers.

Creating bulk accounts from a single IP address is a quick way to get banned from most sites and for these reasons, every business ought to invest in proxies.

What is a Proxy?

This is a computer server that acts as a middleman between a device that is making a web request and the web server. It ensures that the IP address of the individual browsing remains hidden from the web server.

So, when accessing the internet using a device with a proxy, the web request will go to the proxy server first, and it will act on your behalf. When the web server responds with the data or images requested, it will go to the proxy first, which will then deliver the website results to your device.

At no one point will your device’s real IP address be exposed.

There are many different types of proxies, classified into shared and dedicated proxies. Shared proxies are proxies used by a number of users who split their costs. While this may be cheaper, these proxies are highly prone to being discovered. And a slow connection is likely to be experienced during peak hours.

Dedicated proxies are the best bid for businesses. In this case, every user gets a private proxy. It is fast, has less risk of discovery, and provides high anonymity.

Here are two of the best kinds of proxies for business.

  • Data Center Proxies

These are artificial proxies created in data centers. They neither rely on the user’s internet connection nor their Internet Service Provider. They have a strong connection and a high level of uptime. Data center proxies have a high speed and will hide your location efficiently, making it easy to bypass geo blocked websites.

  • Residential Proxies

Residential proxies provide a high level of reliability. They come with fewer incidents of detection and fewer IP blocks. This is due to the fact that residential proxies use the IP address of real devices attached to a specific location, they give the impression of organic traffic to website owners. These proxies are the most reliable.

With the understanding of proxies, let’s get to the real business – Jarvee.

What Is Jarvee And Do Businesses Need It?

Social media marketing has become an integral part of any business’s marketing campaigns. And it’s as important as any other marketing channel. How you interact with your followers, respond to messages, and the frequency of creating content will influence your brand’s awareness. It will also determine how well you lock down this market segment.

Jarvee is a social media management tool. It makes it possible to schedule posts across your social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Tumbilr.

The software has the ability to automate post scheduling of multiple social media accounts. It can follow other pages and like other user’s profiles. Jarvee can also reshare content.

The tool automatically sends messages to new followers and responds to other users’ messages as well. It maintains high levels of engagement on the page, growing the audience, and generating new business leads.

Jarvee will complete the work of a full social media team fast and around the clock. So besides the efficient management of your social media accounts, you get to save on labor costs.

How to Set Up a Jarvee Proxy

While Jarvee is beneficial to a businesses’ marketing department, managing multiple social media accounts on the same social network and from a single IP address puts you at risk of an account ban. You could lose access to the accounts you have worked so hard to build.

Proxies can address this issue. By assigning a different proxy to each account, you distribute the information of all your accounts across different devices and locations. And it will not raise suspicion.

To set up a Jarvee proxy, you need to add it first to the proxy manager tab by clicking Add Proxy.

Fill in the credentials of your proxy server in the empty boxes presented to you. If your proxy is IP authenticated, you do not need to add the username and password. But you will need to include your local IP to the list of authorized IPs.

Select Verify Proxy. If there is an error, check that the credentials you entered are correct and that you have authorized the correct IP for the proxy.

Next, you need to assign the proxy to a social media account. Under the Social Profiles header, click it to display a drop-down menu. Choose the right account and hit Add.

Go to the Social Profile tab to confirm if the proxy has been assigned correctly.
This is the manual method, and you will have to add and assign one proxy at a time. You can add multiple proxies at a go by using the import method. To do this, create a file of your proxies and import them. Be sure to use the right import file format.

Winding Up

Proxies enable businesses to collect data from websites without being detected. This data can help businesses gain insights into market trends. In addition, businesses can further their marketing efforts by maximizing their social media outreach using Jarvee. This software is capable of managing multiple social media accounts across numerous platforms. And again, proxies ensure that the process happens without any account bans.

Ensure that you choose a fast and reliable proxy from a trusted vendor.


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