How To Unlock Any Kind Of Huawei Modem Easily with This Calculator


Unlocking Your Huawei Modem to be Universal is Usually Referred as Multilink Modem.

Using a Multilink Modem Reduces stress of always using one SIM On the Modem but rather all of Your SIM of Different Network Providers.

In this tutorial, am going to teach you how to easily unlock your Huawei Modem(s) of any type.

I will explain it in detailed form that you won’t stress yourself running to experts giving them money to help you crack/unlock the modem.

How Can I Unlock My Huawei Modem By My Self? (MultiLink Modem)

➡️ Simply Visit

➡️ Scroll down and Use any of the Social Login as in the below screenahot:


➡️ Log in using your Gmail account (If you don’t have
any, you can open one for yourself)

➡️ You will be redirected to google+ profile, so if you haven’t sign up for Google plus, you can easily do that.

➡️ Accept the Terms and Condition

➡️ Now, you will see the Imei and Model Number box, write down your 15 digits IMEI number and the model in the box.


➡️ Click on calculate

➡️ Click on google+ to see the your new unlock code and
flash code.

➡️ Finally, you will see your unlock code for the new Algo
in Red and the old Algo in green.

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