How to Speed Up Android Phone

Speed Up Android Phone

Android are most used device other than Laptops and others. So, its doing a lot of task which might hinder the speed and make it slow. below are reasons your android device slow down.

Why Android Performance Slowdowns?

There can be multiple reasons behind low performance in Android. Like some Android phones that slow-down due to Android update, some get slowdowns due to using old hardware, and some get slow down due to low storage space and RAM. In most cases, phones which made by great companies slowdowns because of low RAM and Storage availability. And it’s normal if your phone is slowing down because of low storage and RAM.

But in case, your Android phone slowing down because of all the reason above except Low storage and RAM then your Android is in trouble. And finding the real cause of slowdown Android performance is tough. But you can recognize it with some signs. Let me explain.

How To Recognize The Slow Down Performance Reason In Android Phone?

There is no official way there to recognize the cause of Slow performance in Android phone. But you can understand the root cause by absorbing some signs by checking all the possible cause. Like checking the Storage and RAM availability, do a benchmark of your phone, check whether your Android phone has tons of apps installed or few.

If you have tons of app installed and you feeling your phone is getting little slower means that is the root cause of your Android slow performance. Similarly, check the Storage and if your Android phone has less than 1GB space means you need to make free space in order to get back the usual performance. And that’s how you can recognize Android slowdown cause. Now, let me explain how you can speed up your Android.

5 Tips To Speed Up Android Phone In Less Than 5 Minutes

There are multiple ways you can speed up your Android device. And I have a bunch of the ways that works great in speeding up the performance of Android. So, let me show you those ways so you can improve your Android performance.

1. Clear Cache Of Android Phone

Speed Up Android Phone

When you operate an app in your Android phone, it stores data cache which builds up and occupied most of the Android phone storage which creates a slowdown performance issue. And this gets worse when you don’t clear cache in your Android device. Those data is almost waste and nothing useful. So, by just clearing it we can speed up our Android phone. So, how do you clean that?

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By default, Android provides us an option to clean it, and if the option is available in your Android phone, then half of the work is done already. To check that option; Go to Settings>Storage>Clear Cache. If you are able to see Clear cache in your Android phone then just tap on that option and press OK to clear all the cache of your Android. This will instantly erase all the cache, and your Android performance get boost up.

But in case you haven’t seen any cache option in settings>storage. Then you need to opt the alternative method, and for that, I recommend to use cleaning apps like CCleaner (Android version), Clean Master, Du Speed Boost. All these apps are well capable of clearing Android phone caches. So, first go to Play store>Install any application I recommended>open it>start the one tap cleaning>done. The best part in these apps is they allow one tap to clean and boost option. Means you don’t have to look specifically for clearing phone cache. That’s how you can clear cache in your Android phone and speed it up. Now, let’s move to next way.

2. Make Free Space On Android Phone

Speed Up Android Phone

As you now know that insufficient storage can be the root cause of slow performance in Android device. So, if you recognized that this is the root cause behind slow performance of your Android, then you can fix it up easily. And for that purpose, we are going to use some free apps which are trusted and works great. The first one is Files by Google. It automatically scans the whole Android files and reports to clean. But there are some important things that you need to care because sometimes it selects to erase all the data of the app you use like WhatsApp, Facebook. And once you clean the data, you can’t recover.
Here is the step by step process to make free space in Android using Files by Google:

  1. First, download and install the files by Google from the official Play Store.
  2. Once installed, open it up and allow all the permission if it’s asking.
  3. In the home page of Files by Google, you will see a Junk file Tab. And there you will be able to see clearly the total size of junk files in a megabyte.
  4. Just tap on the FREE UP button and wait for it to complete those junk files. Make sure you check the types of files it selects, you can do that by just tapping on junk files.
  5. Done.

So, that’s how you can make free space in your Android right way. You can also do it manually by opening every folder and file you have in your Android file manager. But it will take you too much time, and files by google do the same. If you find this method hard and risky, you can try another method like using Du Speed booster, Clean master, etc. Du Booster is also great at clearing junk files and boosting Android performance. So, try, and test these apps and hopefully, you will get something good.

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3. Use Important Apps And Only Required Ones

Speed Up Android Phone

Using only required apps on your Android can dramatically boost your Android performance. However, having required apps in Android means less RAM usage and less storage consumption and ultimately Android performance double. Another thing you can do is to install all in one type apps like VidMate. It will help you in cutting off the apps from Android.

4. Use One-Tap Boost

Speed Up Android Phone

One tap boost is a feature that boosts overall all the Android threats and puts it into a great and fresh performance level. In that boost, phones that are running too many apps in the background, services that consuming processes gets cut off, Apps get optimized, and battery performance increases. So, now you know what One-Tap boost does. You are probably thinking how to get One-Tap boost feature. Right?

Well, there are tons of apps available on the Play Store that has this feature like Du Speed Booster, Clean master, 360 Security and more. The best one is Du Speed Booster, you just need to install this App from your Android play store and after, One-Tap shortcut will get created on your Android home page. You just need to tap on it, and all the Android threats get fixed automatically.

5. Install The Older Version Of Android If Your Device Has One

Speed Up Android Phone

When the update comes in Android, we get excited to see new features, but that usually contains tons of new features that don’t require or unnecessary. It may give you some important features and updated, but in the end, it consumes RAM and Storage from the Android phone. So, if you want high performance in every aspect by your phone, then please downgrade to the older one. I know it takes some sacrifice like you will not able to use apps that only supported in latest Android version, but you can also enjoy the stuff that only can be done by lower or medium lower Android Version.

To downgrade the Android version, download the firmware from your phone company website along with tool and driver to flash. Install the driver on your PC or Laptop and extract the firmware (it will come in Zip format). Once you have done everything, just open the tool, connect your using USB in Download mode, select the firmware using the tool and start the flashing process.

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