How To Permanently Delete A Gmail Account


Sometimes, you may have an irrelevant or test gmail account. You dont want to use it again but instead of leaving it dormant, you preferred to get rid of it. The tutorial below will show you how to permanently delete a gmail account.

Your Gmail account and Google account are not the same, meaning you get to continue using other Google services without your Gmail.

If this Gmail account is connected to your bank account or several vital websites, you might need to change it before deleting the account.

Pls note, all your email messages will disappear for good unless you have a backup with Google Takeout.

But not to worry, your search history and all purchases made through Google Play will remain intact.

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How To Permanently Delete Your Gmail Account:

Head over to the Google Account Settings.

Click on “Delete your account.” or “Services” under Account preferences, then tap on “Delete Products.”

You can also select “Delete Google Account and Data.” to take down your entire Google account.

This, however, will alter you search history, AdWords AdSense, Google Docs and other related Google services.

After this, select the Gmail account you wish to delete permanently and type in the password to the account.

Then click on the “Trashcan.” icon next to Gmail and go through the Download Data link if you wish to download a full copy of your Gmail messages through Google Takeout.

You can also double your email to another Gmail account, which includes a new Gmail address.

You also get to access an option to enter an email address totally different from the address connected with the account you are about to shut down.

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Gmail may already have access to the secondary address you used when signing up for Gmail.

The alternative email address you use here automatically becomes your new Google account username.

As soon as verification email is sent, open it and this should have the “Gmail Deletion Confirmation.” as its subject.

Use the deletion link you find in the message – you should know that you might be alerted to log in to the Gmail account you are about to delete.

After that, under “Confirm Gmail Deletion,” click “Yes.I Want To Delete Permanently From My Google Account.” and its gone, for good.

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