How to Modify/Hack Any Android Game With Lucky Patcher Apk

MontelentOctober 28, 2018

Sometimes, a game may becomes boring or too difficult for you because you can pass the level. You may be required to purchase in a Game, gem or diamond in the game which is costly. This tutorial will guide you on how to modify/Hack any Android game with Lucky Patcher apk for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

This app will also give you access to purchase any paid app for free on Playstore. That’s looks good right? Let’s jump into what we are discussing about.

Hack/Modify Any Android Game With Lucky Patcher Apk


  • Your Android Phone
  • Any Android Game (With or Without In-App Purchases)
  • Lucky Patcher Apk (DOWNLOAD HERE)


  1. First of all, Download The Game You Want to Modify/Hack or Keep it Ready in your Phone.
  2. Then, Quickly Download Lucky Patcher from the above given link.
  3. Now, Open Your Lucky Patcher and Find the desired game to hack and then Click on it. (Note: Back it Up First Because of Bugs or Crashes)
  4. On the Drop down, you will see a list of items like Tools, Launch App, Manage App, Menu Of Patches etc. Click on the Menu Of Patches. Lucky Patcher Menu of Patches
  5. On the Next Screen, you will See “Create Modified Apk File”. Click on it to open lists. Lucky Patcher Create Modified Apk File
  6. In this List, Search for “Apk Rebuilt for InApp and Lvl Emulation”. Tap on it.Lucky Patcher Apk Rebuilt for InApp and Lvl Emulation
  7. Once You are on the next Screen, Make sure all the three Boxes are Ticked like screenshot below and then wait till the app rebuild finished processing. Lucky Patcher rebuild
  8. Install the app once it’s done. Boom! Your Game is Hacked with unlimited Money. Enjoy. (Note: Uninstall the previous app before you install the Modified version to avoid “cannot be installed error”.)

You can Checkout the below Screenshot of how I modify/hack Any Android game with Lucky Patcher Apk easily. E.g Below is City Racing 3D which I modified today.

Hacked City Racing 3d Screenshot

Note: You can share your modified game files to anyone to enjoy unlimitedly with you. 

Kindly Drop your Comments below for suggestions, Requests or problem. Thanks for Contributing.

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