How to Install and Use the Google Pixel camera on Galaxy S9 with One UI

MontelentDecember 31, 2018

Samsung began deploying the Android 9 Pie update for its Galaxy S9. If you have upgraded your Samsung, you should try this version of the Google camera that will improve your photos.

The Galaxy S9 with One UI already has a version of the Google camera

The camera of the Google Pixel has become almost by popular consensus in the best camera application that exists. It is not due to your options, where it is rather limited, but to the results, you get when all you want to do is point and shoot.

In general, it is an application that improves the results of almost any camera. Its biggest problem is usually incompatibility since Google designs its application to take advantage of the features of their own phones.

Making this application work depends on a specific adaptation process for each mobile, and even Android version. And it’s the turn for the Samsung Galaxy S9 that have already been updated to Android 9 with One UI.

Samsung began deploying One UI updates for its flagship a few days ago after several weeks of beta. Now we have a functional port of the Google Pixel camera that you can install from XDA Developers thanks to user IDan1109.

We have tested this application on a Galaxy S9 + updated to Android 9 Pie with One UI, and although it is not completely stable, it works correctly in many situations. It has some faults such as the absence of portrait mode in the front camera, and it does not have the new functions like night mode, but it is a good start.

That yes, we had some problems to make the camera work, because at the beginning we saw the black screen. The process that we have followed to make it work is a bit absurd, but it works:

  1. Install the XDA application and open it.
  2. It will ask us for permission to run the camera. We accept them
  3. We immediately go to the camera settings.
  4. We do not touch anything, we go back to the camera and it’s going well.

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