How to Borrow Loan In Nigeria On QuickCheck Loan App

Borrow Loan In Nigeria On QuickCheck Loan App

To Borrow loan in Nigeria on QuickCheck Loan App is One of the Easiest way to get a loan and pay later in Specified Date.

Lets get down on how to do it.

To Borrow Loan In Nigeria On QuickCheck Loan App

➡️ Kindly Download QuickCheck App – CLICK HERE (USE PROMO CODE: R-9SMSBE) 

➡️ After Downloading the App, then follow on the screen to Register and get loan on the App.

➡️ Now on your dashboard, Click on menu Button on the righthand side and then click on Promo Code.

Borrow Loan In Nigeria On Paylater

➡️ Then Enter this Code (R-9SMSBE) on the Space as in the below screenshot.

Borrow Loan In Nigeria On Paylater

Borrow Loan In Nigeria On Paylater

➡️ To Get loan, Click on Apply for Loan Below your Photo in your App Dashboard. And then chose amount.

Note: You Must Enter all the required details before applying for Loan. 

➡️ Provide the required details. Wait for before 24hrs for your loan.

QuickCheck Loan App Brief Details

QUICKCHECK Nigeria understands that you can need cash at any time. Whether it’s Medical bills, School fees, payday advance or unexpected cash problems, QuickCheck has got your back when it comes to getting small loans in Nigeria.

You can now recharge airtime in the app, which gives the opportunity of buying airtime for yourself or your loved ones in a seamless manner.

All you have to do is install or download the loan app, Login with your Facebook account, apply for a loan and get cash transferred to you in 24 hours. QuickCheck is secure, fast and easy to use.

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– Apply anytime, anywhere.

– Receive cash in 24hrs

– Borrow up to 30,000 naira.

– No hidden charges.

– Pay interest only for the number of days you take the loan for at 1% daily.

– Purchase airtime seamlessly for yourself and your loved ones.


– Login fast with Facebook profile
– Simple, Intuitive and Elegant UI
– Highly Secured
– In-app airtime recharge

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  1. I have an account with you and have accessed loan twice and I was timely in payment but lost my phone and my new device cannot access a loan from you anymore.each time I applied loan rejected.

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