Google Publishes its Built-in App on Play Store

Google now starts moving some of its stock applications on Play store and just recently the company publishes its Calculator Application. Obviously Google’s Play Store Listing offers a wide variety of application to every user that has access to the site free of charge.

The site also brings updated version of latest Android Wear app. Other application have been published already on Play store but there are still apps that are confined to Google Nexus offering, the Clock App, Calendar, Camera, Phone and the Contact application, etc.

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Unlike the mentioned two applications, the Calculator application is among the app that is most compatible to most of the device in the market. As you can see on the picture, the latest android Wear Application is bigger than the previous one. Now you can easily type numbers that appears in hilariously very small section located at the top of the application.

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And if you want to perform any operations on the numbers, you have to open a panel located on the right. Generally, the app still identical on its previous version and you can download it on Google Play Store for free anytime.

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