First Day Sale For LG G5 Hits 15,000 units

The second largest electronic manufacturer in South Korea LG Electronics Inc. sold 15,000 units on its latest flagship G5 handsets on its first day of launch.

The reported record sale was three times more than G4 during its first day, hinting possible turnaround in electronics giant’s mobile business that was struggling for years in sales due to lack of products that hit in the market.

According to source LG’s G5 sales said to exceed 15,000 units the first day the company kicked its Korean sales. LG’s G4 device, previous model, sold 5,000 on its first day of launch. The recorded sales volume of LG’S G5 expected to climb given that the network is one of country’s major careers.

KT Corp was reportedly down for almost seven hours preventing number of Potential LG G5 buyers from activating its devices. The company’s market expectation for G5 is highest among all of its Smartphone’s sold in the market. The major brokerage house in South Korea’s is to sell around 10 million G5 units, similar to company’s best seller G3.

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