Facebook Set To Add Data Saver To Its Messenger App

Seems Data Saving is the trending feature in Android apps as of now.

About some months ago, if you recall, Google added this same feature to its Popular web browser Google Chrome, and now, Facebook is set to add Data Saving feature to its Messenger app.

Though, the feature is currently under Testing Mode.

This feature will reduce the amount of data Messenger consumes.

Facebook loves this feature, that’s why they are about to add it to their Messenger app.

How Facebook Data Saver Works

Facebook Messenger Data saver reduces the amount of data used on the app. You can find this option in the App’s settings.

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For example: If a friend sent you an image or a video via Messenger chat, you will need to manually tap on Click to download icon to start the download, instead of it downloading automatically.

This feature will be used only on Mobile network.

If your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, any image or video you received from a friend on Messenger app, will be downloaded automatically.

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You can equally see the amount of data saved overtime and you can also reset it.

Facebook has not yet rolled out this feature officially as it’s still in Testing Mode.

But you can alternatively download/update the Test app on Google playstore or APK.Mirror. Download Testing Facebook Messenger v93. on Google Playstore Here. Click on Become A Tester and head over to Playstore for an update is waiting for you.


Download Testing Facebook Messenger v93. on APK Mirror Here.

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