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Yesterday, we got out first taste of Android P and the plethora of changes and new features. Opinions on the revamped design are very divided, but one feature, in particular, has received unanimous praise. Stock Android finally has a built-in screenshot editor. With Android Oreo on only 1.1% of devices, Android P is even further away for most people. The good news is almost anyone can get the new screenshot editor on their phone.

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The screenshot editor is called “Markup” and it’s actually a separate app that opens when you tap the “EDIT” button. XDA member Quinny899 has ported the APK and it should work on any 64-bit Android device and even some 32-bit devices. It will probably work on your phone. Here’s how to get it up and running on your device.

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Download the APK from Here

  1. Install the APK like you normally would
  2. Take a screenshot and tap SHARE
  3. Select Markup from the Share menu
  4. Edit the screenshot with the new tools

Google Markup App


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