Different Types And Strategies Of Online Marketing/Business

TomitFebruary 25, 2017


Online business has been an internet trend nowadays.
It pays hugely when you do the right ones.
There are billions and one online biz that exist in the globe but few are legal and paying well.
There are different types of online biz you can do to earn big if you are serious and determined on what you do.
Below are the lists of types of online internet marketing/business:


AFFILIATE MARKETING: This is an online marketing which you are linked to a company to advertise and sell their products for them.
You get your commission once you reach their threshold, you get your payment at the end of the month.
Affiliate marketing is a sure lucrative business that has paid so many internet entrepreneurs hugely and still paying.
There are many companies you can be affiliated to which you can make your cash.
  Few understands the concept of affiliate marketing, some just starts affiliate marketing once they hear or see it paying others but they don’t know the concept.
Affiliate companies pay you commissions based on how you work and their threshold.
      One thing you will know is that the market is huge and need more active participants not lazy ones.
I heard some people think its only when you have a website you can affiliate. But I tell you that is a lie, only few requires a website.
I will give you some of the companies or site to try on.
These ones don’t require any site at all.
Below are the lists:

You can register on any of the above sites you like and start making your money.
Unlike the sites, they sell gooda .
You help them by selling for them through your affiliate link and when they confirm the sell. You get your commission. Its easy but needs effort. You can market your affiliate link on social medias, websites, offline also,forums and blogs.
It’s your time to sell and earn.

RESELLER MARKETING: This is a type of online marketing where you buy goods form a good source/company in bulk and sell it your own price and make money. It requires more knowledge and also finance to start.
Its unlike Affiliate where you sell for them. In reseller marketing, you strive and sell your goods at affordable rate. The company must approve you before you start buying a reselling their products so as to avoid stories that touch **lols**.
Don’t join reseller marketing if you are impatient type because it requires patient and humbleness. You need to convince people that you as not a a scammer a your products are direct and Legal.
There are many fake resellers out there trying to extract your hard earned money from you.
Reseller marketing are best when you have a site to help you market your ggods fast so as to buy another one.
NOTE: You can resell your goods offline,through social medias,forum’s, blogs etc.

Using social media like Facebook, you need a page with like so as to help you get buyers faster.
Below are some of the products you can resell:

  • Data plans
  • Recharge cards pin
  • Clothing,Phone accessories
  • Hosting servers for websites
  • Domain names
  • Bulk SMS etc

You can register with these companies if you need to start reseller biz:
Networks e.g MTN,Airtel

With reseller biz you won’t be broke again.

BLOGGING AND VLOGGING: Blogging is act of writing about things events that interests yoi . its also where you can share your opinions.
Vlogging is the act of creating,editing and uploading of your videos to the internet for people to watch and also buy products from you.
Blogging helps a lot especially when you know what to share or create through your writings.
Before you blog you must have the passion an zeal to write what people can commend you on and be inspired.
Don’t look up to the money you see others that came first made from it because you don’t know what they went through.
There are trillions and one blogs but only few made it and also understand the concept. Bloggers need to be accurate in thinking and writing what inspires people.
Blogging needs a site and a domain to start.
You can equally guest post or sponsor a post on other popular blogs you like. It helps a lot in blogging.
In blogging you need to focus on getting your readers attention with your writings. You can create an eBook for them to download and read offline.
On Vlogging concept, you create your videos and upload it either on your site or YouTube for people to watch. You can make a lot of money with it but it needs time to make it. You can also sell the videos for tutorials.
These are some of blogging platforms:

ONLINE SHOP MALL: This business is basically for those who owns offline business. Then you may need to sell your goods widely, thats when you will create an online shopping to help you sell your products online.
So many people buy online nowadays because it reduces stress.
You can equally create your shopmall on already created ones like Konga and Jiji. They offer you the opportunity to sell your goods on their site.
These are some of online shop malls:

  •  Konga
  •  OLX
  •  Jiji
  •  Jumia
  •  Aliexpress
  •  Ajebomarket

FOREX TRADING: Forex simply means Foreign Exchange. This type of online market is where you trade both international and local. Forex involves the exchange of currencies.
In Forex marketing, you need to start it with some finance. You can buy dollars and sell it your own price to travellers, immigrants, internet shoppers etc.
You can also trade news on forex.
Buy news and sell it to another person that needs it at your rate.
Below are the websites that offers forex trading:

ADVERTISING MARKET: Advertising is one of the super market online nowadays.
Adverts marketing involves where you place an ads for people/companies with your site/company for a specified time and rate. Advertising market nowadays always has an affiliates to help them reach their targeted georaphical locations.
I lay an emphasis on this because it needs special time to explain how it works.

BET MARKETING: This type of marketing is the trending market now. This is where you bet on odds either on sports,casino,Colors,debates etc. In bet markets you need little resources to start it. Before you start betting, you must understand the concept and know its for people that has the heart to endure loss. Also you try to bet on what you can afford to lose.
Bets has created wealth for so many bettors and also the bookies.
You can start selling your odds,analysis and predictions if you are an expert in the field. You can also buy fixed matches from clubs and start selling it to people who needs it.
Bet has paid so many and also render many poor.

FIVER MARKETING: Fiver is a site where you can market your products/talents for people to buy.
You can sell your creativity and handiwork there.
Let’s take for an example: you are talented in graphics, you can place your graphics talent at specified rate for people to buy. I mean they will contact you to create graphics online for them and you have your payment.
Fiver is not just anyhow business.
You need to have products before you start it. You can also sell your writing,proof reading, translating,video editing talent etc on fivers.

Please kindly share and drop your comments/suggestions below?

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  • Lance StandifurJanuary 2, 2020Reply

    Nice post. Do you have any other ones you can deliver? I adore this. I have actually tried Dux Forex as a signals provider and they are amazing. I will keep you guys posted. 🙂

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