Best Way to Start a Subscription Video on Demand Service like Netflix

MontelentMarch 16, 2018
Netflix Clone

Ever since the inception of subscription based Video on Demand services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video etc., the dominance of cable companies has subsided. People are receptive to subscription based video streaming services and the positive reciprocation can be attributed to various benefits such as:

  • The user gets to choose what to watch
  • The user gets to choose when to watch
  • The user gets to choose the screen / device in which he / she can watch

Moreover, many popular subscription VOD services offer refreshing content pertaining to various categories such as Comedy, Documentaries, Movies, Series, Standup comedies, Feature Films, Cartoons etc. No doubt, video streaming websites like YouTube are awesome for users. But as a publisher, do you have control over your content? Can you monetize your video content to its full potential? Probably not.

For publishers and media agencies, YouTube isn’t the ideal platform. That said, building VOD sites like Netflix is a herculean task. Or is that so? Not so long ago, developing a VOD platform like Netflix required not only massive technical manpower but also robust equipment. Today, the scenario is different. With web development and programming perfectly poised in throes of transformation, a subscription based video streaming service can be started with VOD streaming servers.

As a publisher, you are entitled to discover the potential of your videos. StreamView, a complete Netflix clone white label solution will help you in your endeavors.

Here is a quick run-down on why StreamView is your best ally to create subscription based video streaming service like Netflix:

Robust Tech Stack

If there is an adjective that can aptly describe its tech stack, it is ‘robust’.

Frontend FrameworkBootstrap
Frontend UIAngular JS
BackendLaravel 5.2
Version Control RepositoryBitBucket
Object Relational Mapping Tool for androidgreenDAO


You will be the owner of the source code of your product. If you are well versed with technical nitty-gritty, you may as well make necessary modifications. If you aren’t a tech savvy media publisher or a broadcaster, fret not, the support team at StreamView is always ready to assist you.

Completely Customizable

StreamView is well endowed with all the foundational facets to help you launch a subscription based video streaming service like Netflix. As far as customization is concerned, the VOD streaming server white label solution is customizable both on frontend and backend controls. Right from the process of how viewers sign up for subscription services to categorizing videos in the backend, almost every aspect is customizable. Once you purchase a copy of this software, you will be able to re-brand your business and incorporate your own logo.

Scalable Architecture

If your video content is awesome, viewership can skyrocket and traffic volumes may reach towering heights. Thanks to its scalable architecture, StreamView streams the content without suffering any downtime. To ensure that your viewers have a glitch-free stream, this white label solution uses CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), thereby effectively dealing with the perils of low latency and bandwidth restrictions.

Multi-tier Security

Video plagiarism is rampant in VOD industry. Many media publishers and broadcasters lose thousands of hard earned dollars due to video plagiarism. StreamView is a class by itself. Thanks to a torrent of multi-tier security measures such as AES encryption, DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Access control, issues pertaining to video plagiarism are effectively addressed.

Multiple Monetization Channels

You can earn money whenever a user opts for premium subscription. To earn more viewers, upload trailers and create a sense of anxiety. Let audiences watch the trailers for free. To watch the complete videos, they have to pay some premium. You can also earn money through banner videos and Pay per Video (one-time payment per video) monetization channels.

Wish List

Users like to save videos so as to watch them later. Wish List encourages users to watch the save videos. This feature boosts the view count of the videos.


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