Apple put together three short videos to explain How to use your new HomePod

How to use your new HomePod

Apple has just released its HomePod speaker, and like with other new devices, it’s created some new videos to show users how to use it. MacRumors spotted the trio, which explain how to use Siri, adjust the settings, and how to use the touch controls.

The first video shows how to control the device with Siri: you can ask it to play songs from various genres or different playlists, and you can control the volume by telling it to get louder, or to play at a certain percentage. You can also tell it to go forward or back a track

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The next video explains how to use the HomePod’s touch controls. Tapping the top will play or pause a song, and a double-tap and triple-tap will skip to the next song or go back to the last one. The plus and minus signs control the volume, and touching and holding will activate Siri without saying “Hey Siri.”

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The final video outlines how to adjust the speaker’s settings using one’s phone: going to the Home App on one’s iPhone will allow you to change where it’s located and what account it’s linked to, and you can also turn off explicit songs. To reset the device, you can remove the accessory and set it up again with another phone.

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