Anthony: Cyber Wars And Cyber Competitions – Share Your Opinion?

So many wars and competition has been going on in cyber space. Everybody trying to fit in and get more higher than others. In tech world, its all about who made it not who is ready or about to make it.

Here in Nigeria cyber war/competition is all about money. When I say money I.e. money must be involved before you get higher.

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The most funniest part is that the internet is not physical, all is done in unforseen space yet we fight war and compete for the best. You can imagine where you upload files and datas.

Cyberspace can contain about billions of people and ready to accommodate more. The wise saying goes thus; “Many are called but few are chosen ”.
There are billions and one cyber programmers,hackers,bloggers etc. But few made it in the internet world.

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Let’s take for an example; Bill Gates,Mark Zuckerberg etc these people are among the competitor’s but they strive so hard to win the race.

That shows you that you must be ready to compete and fight hard in cyber space.


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