EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

MontelentApril 18, 2018

EaseUS Free Data Recovery

Having your computer crash is the worst thing that technology can do to you. You imagine all the files that you held or the project you’ve worked months for, only to not being able to present it to your bosses. In the event this happens to you, fret not, first understand that data is never completely lost, it can be recovered. There is a free data recovery software that promises you, your data back EaseUS Data Recovery. This file recovery software has a bootable version that can be launched to recover your ‘lost’ or ‘inaccessible’ data due to computer crashes.

Through trial and tests, EaseUS Data recovery has proved to be of great use, one of them included restoring files deleted and emptied from the recycle bin and the other was a more technical one, from a hard drive that was reformatted. In both instances, data recovery was successful.

EaseUS file recovery software makes data recovery a walk in the park for any user, even those without technical know-how. The process itself, through the data recovery wizard, is streamlined and you’ll retrieve lost data with just a few clicks.


Launching the Free Data Recovery Software

Once you launch the application, the first thing you’ll see is a list of connected hard drives, or hard drives available for recovery. You can then select the drive you wish to recover data from and hit the button. The process begins right away and unlike other file recovery software available, it doesn’t provide scanning options, making it easy for a regular user to use it without the technical details.

The process starts off, scanning in an attempt to find the data scrapped. It automatically scans and this makes it a time saving and streamlined feature that won’t have you confused on what to do next. However, for more tech-savvy guys who desire more control over the file recovery process, this automation can be a downside.


Recovering the Data

Data recovery is also not that complex, a simple file tree layout will display data found, and you can examine it through different viewing options. There is an Export button with which you can save the scan results to which you can continue recovery later. There is also a Preview button, with this you can see if the data in question is still intact and can be recovered with ease. You can then select the data you wish to recover, by ticking the squares against them, you can select a while folder, a single file or even the whole partition to restore.

Technical Support

Few file recovery software has the ability to let you access their technical support. EaseUS customers have access to technical support via email, live chat, and phone. The free data recovery software itself has an email link to technical support at the top-right corner menu. Moreover, aside from live support, the website has guides on how to use its products and a discussion forum.

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