WhatsApp Web finally receives the desired functionality ‘PiP’

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is most likely the most widely used messaging platform globally. Some time ago, it was also accessible through computers, with the launch of WhatsApp Web.

This version of the platform allows users to sync their mobile application (Android or iOS) with the web version in the browser. So while you’re at your computer, you do not need to be constantly looking at your smartphone.

Now, the WhatsApp Web sees a new feature that users have long wanted. With the arrival of the new version, you will be able to enjoy the PiP ( Picture-in-Picture ) mode.

WhatsApp Web Offers More And More An Experience Similar To The Mobile Version

More and more users prefer to access WhatsApp directly on their computer instead of their smartphone, especially since the Web version began to receive more attention from Facebook.

Now, once you receive the new version, you’ll be able to open videos without having to leave the application. Thanks to the arrival of Picture-in-Picture, whenever you receive a link from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Streamable, just click on the preview image. In this way, the video will start to play in a small independent window.

While the video is playing, you will even be able to navigate between your various conversations without interrupting the video. Just like in the Android and iOS version, if you want to open a page of your browser with the video, just click on the logo of the platform in question.

Finally, if you still can not access this feature, you can try to force the update. To do this, clear the cache of your browser and re-commit it. This process should ensure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp Web.

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