New Twitter Updates Launched for iOS

Twitter iOS

Twitter brings a new update to its iOS apps to make it better.  The new update comes with the new improvements that include a new compose icon and the additional spam report options. The company is also said to be actively testing a new way to allow users to be able to keep up with tweets on its application on iOS.

Let’s take a breakdown of what the new features can do and just how we can make the best out of them.

  • The new Compose Icon

The new compose icon is meant to make the user experience better. The new icon is a floating compose icon which makes it better for smoother one-handed scrolling and tweeting. Now users can take their other hands off the screen.

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The new compose icon also comes with a  bag of tricks as by pressing and holding the icon users are able to access their drafts, photos, and gif gallery. This is a functionality we are sure users will be very pleased with and would see as a major step up from the cumbersome way of accessing them in previous versions.

  • The new spam report

The new spam report options allow users to report spam easier than they did before. The new spam options introduce some new ways to report a tweet. They are “The account tweeting this is fake”, “Includes a link to a potentially harmful, malicious, or phishing site”, “The hashtags included seem unrelated”, “Uses the reply function to spam” and “It’s something else”.

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The social media app is also said to be testing a new feature that would allow users tap the star icon on the top right corner of the application which will enable them to see only the latest tweets instead of the top tweets which was previously displayed.

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