How to Send a Programmed and Automatic WhatsApp Message

MontelentJanuary 29, 2019

WhatsApp is one of the favorite applications for users to communicate anywhere and at any time via instant messages. Many times, even if we use it every day, we are not aware of everything that the application can offer us.

Every day we can receive hundreds of WhatsApp messages on our phones. We are not always available to answer because maybe we are doing something else and we can not be careful with the phone at all times.

On these occasions, it is useful for the phone to send a programmed response to certain WhatsApp messages that we receive so that we can deal with it more calmly afterward.

That’s why this time we will explain how to program the response messages in WhatsApp that are automatically sent using an application for WhatsApp.

How To Send Programmed And Automatic WhatsApp Messages

Download the AutoResponder application for WhatsApp on your mobile phone at the following link: AutoResponder for WA – Auto Answer

Once that is done, access the application you just installed on the main screen and press the ” Notification Settings “
>A new screen will open. In the lower right corner of the screen, you will see a ” + ” icon in a green circle. Click on it to add a default response to a WhatsApp message.

Here you can create a default answer that is automatically sent when you receive a message. Write it down and click on the green check mark in the lower right corner of the screen.

At this point you can configure if you want the message to reach only single contacts, groups or both; In addition to setting other options for your answer.

The automatic answer will be programmed on the application screen. By clicking on the “+” icon you can program other automatic replies for the WhatsApp messages you want.

To delete them you only have to scroll the default answer to the left and it will be deleted from the screen.

Now when a message arrives at WhatsApp that matches what you have configured, a response from the application will automatically be sent.

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