iPhone 8, 7s, and 7s Plus to all have True Tone displays like the iPad Pro 9.7

TomitMarch 31, 2017
A new rumor regarding Apple’s iPhone lineup for 2017 is here with details about the devices’ ambient light sensors. Specifically, investment bank Barclays thinks that the top of the line (and very expensive) iPhone 8 (the one with the OLED screen) will share a new feature with the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus (which are expected to be very similar to last year’s models).
Namely, we’re talking about them all having True Tone displays. The first (and so far only) Apple device with a True Tone display is the iPad Pro 9.7, though when the refreshed 12.9-inch iPad Pro arrives that should feature it too. True Tone means that the color and intensity of the panel is automatically adjusted based on the surrounding environment. So, for example, the display will be warmer when you’re using the device under incandescent lighting, but cooler and bluer if you’re outside on a cloudy day.
True Tone display in the iPad Pro 9.7
This feat will be accomplished in the upcoming iPhones by using a full spectral sensing ambient light sensor, provided by Austrian company ams semiconductor. The use of such advanced ambient light sensors means Apple will have to pay around $1 a piece, quite a bit more (percentage-wise) than the $0.60 that a ‘normal’ version would cost.

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