Ayokunle: Four (4) Simple Ways to Protect your Smartphone

TomitApril 25, 2017

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Jumia recently confirmed a steady increase in the adoption and use of mobile phones in Nigeria, that means so many users are open to losing important data and information.
Data that can be lost are an email address, social media details, bank details and other private information. Smartphones contain loads of personal information and it is important every user take the best possible steps to secure them.
These tips should help better secure your smartphone:

  • Lock it with a passcode: 

90% of smartphones allow you to lock them with a PIN, passcode or a pattern. Ensure you setup your password so as to protect your private information against theft, if you don’t and your device gets stolen it gives any thief complete access to every bit of information stored on your device.
Locking your phone is the first step required in protecting any smartphone. Some smartphones like the recently released Tecno L9 Plus allows you to secure your device using a biometrics login (such as your fingertip).  A finger or thumbprint scan is most convenient if your device offers it.
  • Use Trustworthy Apps:

Where you download your apps and documents from on the internet is very important. One of the best parts of using a smartphone is you are faced with a plethora of free apps, but such freedom also comes with a disadvantage; malware. Apps are allowed to access a bit of your data and some untrustworthy ones might maliciously acquire access to things they shouldn’t access.
So before you go and download an app, read the reviews and research the app itself to determine if it is truly legit, and consider mobile security software.  Read the app permissions instead of blindly accepting the terms and conditions. Is there a reason a game wants access to your camera, microphone, and contacts?

  • Update Frequently:

Sometimes updates are always frustrating, as they tend to use loads of mobile data and also they take a while to finish off. Nevertheless, updates fix bugs and found black holes in a software, so if you decide not to update you’re left vulnerable to the bug recently fixed.
 If you get behind on an update, odds are that you could be leaving your smartphone open for attack.

  • Prepare for the Worst: Remote Wipe:

ALL smartphones now have remote wipe functions available to them, in case you face the smartphone theft. If you notice your device has been stolen, a remote wipe is the best way to feel safe as you know all your information has been deleted before the thief can retrieve them.
What damage could they inflict upon your bank account, credit score, and social networking accounts? If your answer is a lot,  then you should consider putting a remote wipe app in place.
If your phone were to be pilfered, a remote wipe app would allow you to simply turn on your computer, access your remote wipe settings via a web browser, and then relax a little. This software will remotely access your phone via a wireless or carrier signal and return the smartphone to its factory settings, completely erasing all personal information affiliated with you.
You can read how to remote wipe here.

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