Wonder Woman 1984 Soundtrack Uses Batman v Superman’s Martha Theme

In one of the biggest moments of the film, the Wonder Woman 1984 soundtrack uses the Martha theme from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, instead of its own original track. Hans Zimmer is undoubtedly one of the most prolific composers in Hollywood, having made his mark on a number of franchises, including superhero ones such as The Dark Knight trilogy and a variety of DCEU movies. His latest effort is composing the score for Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984.

Gal Gadot returns as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman in the DC sequel, with Pedro Pascal playing the villainous Maxwell Lord, a businessman who uses the Dreamstone to become all-powerful in the world. Once Lord amasses enough wishes to bring civilization on the verge of total collapse, Diana does all she can to stop him. First, she tries to physically prevent him from granting any more wishes, but she’s unsuccessful. So instead, she uses the Lasso of Truth to show the world – and Lord – the reality of what they’re losing by making their wishes.

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Using the U.S. government’s communications array as well as Lord’s powers as the Dreamstone, Diana delivers an emotional speech to the world that convinces millions of people to renounce their wishes, and that monologue is accompanied by a familiar track – Hans Zimmer’s “A Beautiful Lie” from Batman V Superman. It’s originally played at the start of Batman V Superman when a young Bruce Wayne attends his parents’ funeral and it returns in the infamous “Martha scene” in the movie’s final act, when Superman name-drops Martha, which results in Batman reliving his most painful memory.

Regardless of people’s thoughts about the film itself, many would agree that Zimmer’s score for Batman V Superman is superb, which is why it isn’t surprising it was used again in Wonder Woman 1984. Normally, it’s uncommon for a movie to use another movie’s soundtrack, though audiences may frequently hear certain songs, particularly “Adagio in D Minor”, in a variety of movies – that’s not usually the case for something like “A Beautiful Lie”. In this circumstance, it makes sense since both Wonder Woman 1984 and Batman V Superman take place in the same shared universe.

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Remarkably, the song “A Beautiful Lie” doesn’t just go well with the scene in Wonder Woman 1984 but it also appropriately fits the story as well. Fundamentally, “A Beautiful Lie” can be interpreted as someone learning the truth of falsehood, much like how Bruce Wayne learns a truth twice when the song plays in Batman V Superman. And in Wonder Woman 1984, Diana quite literally reveals the truth about Maxwell Lord, the Dreamstone, and the wishes to the whole world, because the Dreamstone, while enticing, was a beautiful lie.

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