[Video] “If you kill one Christian, we are going to reply, we’ll defend ourselves” – Pastor Chris Okafor

TomitJanuary 30, 2017

Dr. Chris Okafor, Founder and General Overseer of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries (MLMM) akaLiberation City, has decried the incessant killings in Southern Kaduna and all other parts of Northern Nigeria.
Okafor, while speaking during a church meeting, said that “Enough is Enough…. Nobody owns this country.” “We are keeping quiet does not mean we are powerless,” Okafor added.
According to the clergyman:
People are being killed in a country where there is government, and nobody seems to be saying anything, and anybody who says anything they come against that person, we are all ready to die for it. When they come with their cow to graze in your farmland, they destroy your farmland, and when you talk they kill you, because to them their cow is more important to them than your own life, why? Because you are seen as an infidel, you are seen as an unbeliever.
Over 800 people have been killed in Kaduna and no arrest has been made, not even El-Rufai, the Herod, that can even make a statement totally condemning the act, the short Herod could not even make a statement!
A man cried to me about 2-weeks ago, that he doesn’t have a place to stay, I asked him why and he said where they were living in Kaduna was burnt, his 7-children and pregnant wife were killed; he said he ran for his dear life, as it is right now he is a widower, no wife no children.
Nobody owns this country, we all own the country and no people can try to claim superiority over other ones, we all own the country. We are keeping quiet does not mean we are powerless, we can do something, we can fight, enough is enough! We all own this country, if the country does not belong to all of us again then let the country be divided and let those ones go to one side and we also go to the other side.
In another video, Okafor said, “If a thief comes to your house to rob you, to rape your wife, to kill you; If you have a means to kill the thief, kill the thief.”
“If you kill one Christian, we are going to reply, we’ll defend ourselves,” Okafor added.
In this second video, Okafor said that the prophetic destiny of the son of the bondwoman says that he “shall be a violent person and his hands shall be against everyone,” adding that “you don’t necessary need to look for their trouble, because by nature, by their prophetic destiny, their hands shall be against everyone”.

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