On 31st March 2017 Google Will Stop Support For Google Now Launcher

TomitFebruary 4, 2017

Long before now, there have been two Google owned launchers in the Playstore, with the names Google Now Launcher (GNL) and the Pixel Launcher.

Pixel launcher is only made for Google Pixel smartphone, and can only be installed on Pixels. The sad news now is that, the Search engine giant -Google- set to stop supports for the Google Now Launcher (GNL). This simply means, there’ll only be one Google owned Launcher left in the Playstore, coming March 31, 2017.

Google Now Launcher will no longer receive any additional features. This should be Probably. The reason I say “probably” is because in another confusing move, Google has been pushing updates to the GNL through the Google app for Android (seriously, that’s how this works).

And obviously that app is still going to be available in the Play Store, so conceivably you could be getting GNL updates even after the GNL itself ceases to appear over there. But you probably shouldn’t get your hopes up.

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