Netflix is adding 30-second vertical video previews for Mobile Devices


Netflix has gone from a struggling company that once requested to be acquired by Blockbuster Video, to an online media behemoth. The start of their streaming service was a breakthrough as they were able to license content from other studios at an affordable price. As the market value of Netflix has risen, they’ve increased prices and have focused more on creating their own original content. Netflix has continued to expand the features they offer to their customers and the latest comes in the form of short 30-second previews tailored specifically for mobile devices.

The transition Netflix has gone through over the years is certainly impressive. Other companies (such as the aforementioned Blockbuster) would plant their service into the ground and refuse to adapt. Netflix started by mailing DVDs (and then Blu-rays) so people wouldn’t have to go to a video rental store to pick up and drop off movies. Then they started seeing the interest in streaming video and shifted their focus to that instead. The company still has a little over 3 million subscribers who have stuck with the DVD/Blu-ray service.

The company is constantly doing testing to see what cover art certain people are likely to select. They make it easy for users to play the next movie or TV show without having to dig through menu after menu. Now, we’re seeing a report from Variety that says Netflix will introduce previews of the video in a vertical format so you don’t have to turn the phone into landscape mode. These 30-second previews are basically trailers that you can watch to decide if you want to watch the full movie or not.

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The feature is supposed to go live sometime in April. At launch, we have been told that there will be up to 75 previews to swipe through at a time. They plan to continue expanding the feature and they hope to have previews available for “many hundreds of titles” that cover both Netflix Originals and licensed content.

Source: Variety

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