For Leaking Millions of Peoples Data, Facebook Apologized

Facebook has been in trouble once and over again and the team is apologizing for leaking users’ private information. Of course it looks like Facebook is never tired of begging or it may be that there’s nothing the firm can do to stop doing what is wrong at all times.

The recent report says that private photos of millions of users may have been exposed to app developers.

Now there is positive news out about Your Time On Facebook and the platform is having something positive to dwell on in the middle of the leaks saga. How does the data leak story go?

It goes thus: when a user gives permission for an app to access their photos on Facebook, Facebook says that it usually only grants the app access to photos people share on their timeline. The bug may give developers access to other photos. These may be the photos shared on the Marketplace or Facebook Stories.

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Other things that are impacted are the pictures that users upload to the platform and they don’t finish posting the photos or pictures. Sometimes, this happens when there’s a network error or a user gets distracted. Facebook says that it stores a copy of that photo or picture for three days so the person has it when he or she comes back to complete the post.

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Facebook also comments that it believes that the leak may have affected up to 6.8 million users an up to 1,500 apps that were built by 876 developers. These are the apps that Facebook approved to access photos API

Now the social media has apologized and tells users that it is possible that they could have been affected by the latest negative development.

The company has promised to push out an update in the few days to let developers determine which users of the apps have been affected.

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