At Last, Apple Released iPhone XR Case

Apple iPhone Xr Case

The company definitely took its time on this one, but Apple has now finally made the first official case for the iPhone XR available through its online store. Apple usually has an assortment of cases ready at the moment of any of its new smartphones’ release, but for some reason this hasn’t happened for the XR.

Don’t get too excited, though – it’s just one option at the moment, a clear case. It lets you show off the XR’s design while also protecting it against drops and scratches, if ever so slightly.

The case, in Apple’s words, is “thin, light, and easy to grip”, “crafted with a blend of optically clear polycarbonate and flexible TPU materials, so the case fits right over the buttons for easy use”. It has a scratch-resistant coating applied to both the interior and the exterior. As you’d expect, wireless charging will work through it without a hitch.

The case can be yours for $39 in the US.


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