Confused Whether or Not to Go for Amazon AWS Exam-Labs Certified Solutions Architect – Associate? Let’s Check If You Have What It Takes

MontelentJuly 3, 2021
Amazon AWS Exam-Labs Certified Solutions Architect

If you didn’t know, the cloud computing scene is dominated by AWS, so going for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification to work as an AWS Architect will certainly be helpful. Apart from an average annual salary of $114k, according to the website, there are other perks you will enjoy from earning this well-recognized certificate. But do you have what it takes to go for the qualification and work as a certified AWS Solutions Architect?

Are you good enough?

Apart from earning the Exam-Labs Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 8 itself, there are a few things that you need to consider if you plan to work as an Architect of AWS solutions. The demand is high but, there is a chance for you to land a job in this field. Though can you sustain it? Here are some duties you will perform as a certified AWS Solutions Architect:

1. Meetings

Attending appointments with clients is one of the major parts of being an AWS Solutions Architect. Your primary work is to architect solutions based on the requirements that customers present, so you will spend a big chunk of your workdays meeting with them. These parleys might be physical or through conference calls. At the same time, your role might be more product-based, but the majority of companies will ask you to meet clients personally. Therefore, you need to be prepared to ask the right questions and understand their requirements.

2. Problem Solving

As you already understand, your job will involve designing technical solutions, meeting client needs, and all other deliverables as per the client’s requirements. One way or another there will be issues to solve because not only you will develop solution designs, but also guide the clients to follow best architectural practices. So, estimating costs, identifying suitable AWS services, meeting security requirements are all your responsibilities as an AWS Solutions Architect.

3. Staying Up to Date

Every specialist working in the technology industry has to stay up to date with all the current trends. An AWS Solutions Architect is no different. A part of your job is to research the launched new features, learn them, and using the best practices design scalable systems on AWS. Thus, you will need to not only study information about the latest updates to the AWS services, but you should also stay active on forums and discussion boards.

4. Being Dynamic

The role of an PrepAway Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate might not always be as straightforward as you might think. Depending on the company you work for, you might be involved in many different tasks. Therefore, you might spend one workday going through existing environments while the next day you may be asked to come up with an entirely new solution. Moreover, your duties will include the need to go to meetings, visit companies for onsite reviewing, write scripts, migrate environments, troubleshoot, and more. So, being dynamic is one of the traits you need to maintain the status of an in-demand specialist.


Earning Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certificate and landing a job as an AWS Solutions Architect offers you various benefits. The job itself is outstanding and is arguably one of the most sought-after in the IT field. But Amazon accreditation alone is not enough. Boost your communication, multitasking, stress-resistance skills, and don’t forget to learn something new every day. This will play into your hands in any case.

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