You Can’t Write Nigeria’s Story Without Remembering Fela – Brymo

With ‘Fela! The Concert’, just around the corner, Olawale Ashimi, popularly known as Brymo, will forever remain relevant in the country.
In his words:
“You can’t write the story of Nigerian or African in general music without remembering Fela,” Brymo said while adding that Fela’s recordings were still identifiable because his lyrics contain “topics that affect day to day people”.

  “40 years from now when people listen to his songs, they will still identify with it – because you are talking about something that actually means something to everybody.

“It sticks, it never goes away.”

The ‘Alajo Somolu’ crooner further stated that the legend,during his time preached against “sharing of money, a gift society where the public office holder only gives to those who are loyal to him”.
“We need to strengthen a system where there is fairness and everybody works and earns,” he added.
Brymo further asserted that there are just few African artistes who shared the ideology and philosophy of Fela.
“Part of those teaching, there’s just no other African artsite you can really look up in terms of philosophy and ideology more than Fela,” said Brymo.

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