The Land of Afrobeat – Nigeria

Music is the language of the soul. It provides comfort to people in distress along with providing some form of entertainment. Over the years, music has evolved with the current trends of the time. This is even more true for Nigeria music.

A dynamic force to reckon with, the music of Nigeria encapsulates within itself, the history of struggle along with the presence of cultural development. Indeed, the dynamism present in the music of Nigeria makes it well-known worldwide.

The world of music is incomplete without mentioning Nigerian music and this is a major reason for artists to show interest in performing and signing labels with the Nigerian music industry. The music of Nigeria has roots in both, the various kinds of folk songs of the various ethnic groups in the country as well as the foreign cultures especially the West. Each kind of song has a distinctive flavor to it in terms of having a distinct technique, instrument and language. The new generation of Nigerian producers and musicians are redefining the sound of Africa in very innovative and artistic way.

The beat that is making its way into the mainstream music genre is the new and funky Afrobeat and Nigerian pop. There is an energy to this beat like no other. This buzzing beat which is making people all over the world groove to its movements was originally invented by Nigerian artist Fela Anikulapo Kuti in the 60s.

Indeed, when he first got this music playing, never could he have imagined that this West African beat would be this famous. The term Afrobeat, originally termed in UK for its African inspiration, can be defined as high energy and rhythmic drum patterns that make you groove. A very popular song which became a major hit in France as a popular party track was “Premier Gaou” by Magic System of Cote D’Ivoire.

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Similarly, “African Queen” by 2Face Idibia from Nigeria has gone out to become a song which was used in a lot of movies as a background song. With its reggae feel and sweet melody, it became an instant hit in Africa, only to be played almost like an anthem. As the modern Nigerian sound starts to gain widespread acceptance at the world level, one can only guess the heights that Nigerian music is out to achieve in the world stage.

The new implementations that the modern music vibe gives to the traditional Nigerian songs, is the reason for its uniqueness and popularity. The modern Nigerian sound is represented by its many facets. One of the singers that is making inroads into the Nigerian music scene is rapper Ice Prince.

Panshak Zamani, better known by his stage name Ice Prince, is one of the young budding singer-rapper of the Nigerian music industry. He rose to fame after releasing the hit single “Oleku”, which became one of the Nigeria’s most remixed songs. Listen to Ice Prince’s feet tapping music today and download his songs to update your play-list.

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